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Does MKLashPro offer Wholesale?

At MKLashPro we are about the quality of our products. To maintain the best quality control of our products we do not offer wholesale. Although we do offer membership pricing for those who are MKLashPro Certified Artist.

What eyelash extensions made of?

Our eyelash extensions are made of a poly-fiber material that closely resembles real mink or real silk.  

Is your adhesive medical grade?

The main ingredient in all our adhesives is Cyanoacrylate which is also used in medical adhesive. Our Adhesives do not contain formaldehyde. Our adhesives should always be applied by a trained professional. 

What is the Difference Between Eyelash Extension Adhesives?

Eyelash extension adhesive or glue comes with three types of qualities 1) The longevity of the glue (how long the glue will hold an eyelash extension), 2) the sensitivity of the glue (how much fumes a glue has) 3) How fast the glue dries. The stronger the glue is the stronger the fumes will be and the quicker it will dry. One thing to look for in glue is to make sure it does not have formaldehyde in it. Many people are allergic to formaldehyde. MKLashPro products do not contain formaldehyde.   

How Long is Eyelash Extension Adhesive Good For?

Eyelash extension adhesive is good for a maximum of 60 days once the bottle is opened. This 60 day time period is greatly dependent on the care. Adhesive longevity can be increased by shaking the adhesive on a daily basis, opening the adhesive as little as possible, keeping the adhesive out of direct sunlight, keeping the adhesive in a normal room temperature or below 65 degree environment, and closing the bottle as soon as possible after use. Once the adhesives consistency  becomes thicker and stringy and this is a sign that it is time to get a new batch..

My Client has Sensitive Eyes What Should I Do?

MKLashPro offers products for sensitive eyes. Opt for the Sensitive adhesive as well ash sensitive gel pads. Do know that if you use these products retention will not be as good as the Platinum adhesive. Many people do not know if they have sensitive eyes until they get Eyelash Extensions. To be safe always use latex free eye tape. Never let the adhesive touch the clients skin.

How Many Clients Will 1 Case Of Lashes Do?

One case of lashes has approximately 3000 lashes or 16 lines. The average client takes approximately 70 lashes per eye or 140 lashes for a full set. Theoretically 1 case of lashes will do about 21 full sets.