MKLASHPRO, Michelle Kim and Kam Sok

Our Story

After years of building their own successful businesses in the lash industry, Michelle of Lash and Beauty Co in North Carolina and Kam of Lashify Studio in Lafayette, California decided to join forces to build a brand that would empower and educate other lash professionals in the industry. By providing exceptional know how, services, and quality products based on more than almost two decades of industry experience,  Michelle and Kam seek to empower and educate other lash professionals to reach their next level of joy and success.

About Kam

I ventured into lashes at a really difficult time in my life. I found myself a single parent to my three kids and I was extremely scared to venture out on my own. Prior to working with lashes, I worked in a nail shop providing eyebrow services and occasional pedicures. I knew that I wanted to make a difference in the lives of others and help people feel great about themselves while providing a better life for my family. I fell in love with lashes. I could bring a smile to people’s faces and make their day brighter. At the time, there were not many studios open and I had to learn everything on my own. I opened my first studio in 2011 at a Sola Salon after learning about their business model. Working with Sola was less risky than opening an actual salon and after my initial investment of $5,000, I got to work building my brand. I had to learn on the job and quickly, but Wink was a huge success. After only a year and a half, I was able to open a second Wink location in Charlotte, NC.

Fast forward to 2014… I decided to make the move to California. This was a difficult decision for me because I had two very successful lash businesses that I had worked very hard to build. I had faith that life in California would provide even more opportunities and I made the bold decision to sell my businesses and move to Lafayette, California. Trusting God and knowing no one, I opened Lashify studio in the spring of 2014. Since I had started lash businesses twice before, I knew what I was in for. I worked hard to build a new brand and to establish a client base in Lafayette and within six months, I was fully booked! I had to start sending clients to other lash artists. The next year, I was voted Best of the East Bay for Lashes proving that all the hard work and the lessons I had learned throughout my career were paying off. I couldn’t believe that in a few short years I had achieved my dreams of building an amazing brand not once, but twice. The sky really is the limit when you work hard and have faith.

About Michelle

My passion for beauty started when I was five years old. I loved to watch my aunt get ready, applying her makeup and finishing off her polished look with a beautiful, fluffy lash strip. Once my aunt left, I would play with her Chanel lipsticks and imagined spending hours getting ready.

Coming from a strict Korean family, my parents didn’t believe the beauty industry was a REAL job. So to make my parents proud, I dabbled in the medical field for many years. I realized right away that it wasn’t for me, but I maintained a side job as a lash artist. My work with lashes was my happy place. Even if I didn’t like my job in the medical field, I could find joy in making people beautiful with lashes.  

Doing lashes or lashing was an outlet for me. I would fall into a trance and always imagined myself as a fancy artist, painting a beautiful picture and making my clients look their best.

In 2013, I made the leap and opened Lash & Beauty Co., in Mooresville, N.C. From there, I  individually trained my team of artists. Soon we were seeing hundreds of clients and with growing demand, I opened a second location in Charlotte in 2014.

Over the years in order to better serve the needs of my clients and support other lash artists,  I began creating lash products for my salons. I loved sharing the knowledge I gained with others in the industry. It is a competitive market and to thrive in this profession means using the best products and staying current on new techniques. I love teaching others and helping lash artists get further in their life and careers through the use of my lash products and trainings.